15 Best Telegram Stock Groups for 2023

It’s a good idea to dig up information about stocks before you start investing.

Now you can easily understand all this information by participating in the following 10 recommended telegram channels and learn about stocks.

Lately, interest in investing among young people has increased, especially in the field of stock trading. Stock trading can definitely generate higher returns.

However, besides the benefits, stock trading also contains high risks. As a result, novice traders turn to the internet to join Telegram discussion forums.

We find it fast and easy to provide Telegram information.

These are multiple telegram channels offering 10 referral channels for traders to learn about stocks.

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15 Best Telegram Stock Groups for 2023

1. Cuan Plans (Best Group Recommendations)

The best Stock Investment and Trading Community for beginners to professional traders and investors in Indonesia. Plan Cuan has an active telegram group analyzing stock issuers from a technical and fundamental perspective.

Every day, Plan Cuan conducts a live stream of stock trading sessions 1 and 2. So, you will get daily stock recommendations that are suitable for trading at that time.

The benefits that you can get in the profit plan telegram group include:

-Build a positive trading mindset

-Learn to manage capital properly and correctly when making

Sessions 1 and 2

-Learn to trade with technical analysis, bandarmology and price approaches action

Please Join Here : Plan Group

2. Junior Equity Investor (197,800 Followers)

Beginner Equity Investor is your conduit for providing up-to-date stock and cryptocurrency advice to inexperienced traders. There is a group with the same name in this channel, and traders can enter into fund deposit schemes in which the funds invested in the stock market are managed by representatives of novice stock investors.

3. My Shares My Investments (107,635 followers)

My Shares My Investments is a dedicated channel for online trading. This channel also has a group called Stocks I Invest in, and with the help of customer service you can invest in new trader investment stocks.

4. Stock Captain 707 (129,526 Followers)

Stock Captain is basically a telegraph team providing sound gold chip advice and analysis. In addition to the stock group, Captain Share 707 also has a channel cipher currency Telegram @kaprencrypto707 with 78,168 followers.

5. Share science. com (77,081 followers)

Ilmushare talks a lot about basic and technical analysis of the equity community founded by Belvin VVIP. Apart from the Telegram group, the community has a Telegram channel @ilmuusaham. Here Belvin shares his analysis with members.

6. Happy Trading Stocks and Forex (51,744 followers)

This channel is a group specializing in stock technical analysis. The team also provides the latest stock market robots and chart reports. Group members can inquire about transactions through Zoom meetings.

7. Profit Shares (49,981 followers)

Profit Sharing is a stock community founded by businessman Sunarto Surabaya since 2016. This organization provides investment information and stock trading for beginners and experts. Group members also hold online meetings from time to time to discuss various stock-related topics.

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8. Equity Democracy (19,908 followers)

Equity Democracy was founded by Hermanto Sardan, an investor specializing in basic issue analysis (especially related to mining and shipping). This group Erumanto actively voiced the opinions and opinions of group members.

9. Syariah Shares (15,632 followers)

Syariah Shares was launched on the Facebook group which was established in May 2014. As the name implies, this community is a special forum to learn and discuss issues on Indonesian Islamic stock investments.

Syariah Saham was founded by Asep M Saepul Islam and regularly updates stock information on the website www.syariahsaham.com to discuss online stock seminars and Telegram Syariah Shares Group.

10. Prize Stock ( Winner Stock )(17,252 followers)

Prize Stock is a channel that uses the Win (Profit) paradigm to provide advice, education, and inspiration. Apart from these channels, Wiener Stock also has a paid membership channel called Premium Winner Stock for traders who need more detailed stock information.

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11. FiboPrincess (8,934 members)

This channel is one of the oldest shared groups on Telegram. The FiboPrincess Telegram group was founded by Linda Lee, a Certified Financial Engineer (CTe), trader, author and trainer as a means of exchanging information for investors. The group also broadcasts online courses supervised by LindaLee.